Some of the answers to the most frequent questions…

  • Where are you located?

Our home based studio is located in Studio City, CA at 12606 Moorpark ST., Ste. 102. 91604

  • Can I pay with my Credit Card?

Yes, we accept cash and all major credit cards (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) as well as PayPal for online payments.

  • Down Payment?

We do require a $50 down payment for all shoots and that go towards your final payment. The purpose of the down payment is to protet myself from the No-Shows… they do seem to happen and are never fun..

  • How many images will I get?

You will get all the images minus the blinking, test-shots and duplicates. The images are available on the gallery and are color corrected, sharpened, hi-res 9x12.

  • Do I get a Disc with the images?

We don't offer complimentary disc. To assist in keeping cost down, we offer all images downloadable free to you from the online gallery. If you would prefer a CD, we require a $15 fee per disc.

  • How Many Looks do I need?

That is up to you and what your representation feels you will need. We are always willing to go over the styling with you to help decide how many different looks will fit you best.

We always do suggest at least 2-Looks. A Commercial and a Theatrical.

Our most popular session though, is the 3-Look session (3 wardrobe changes) with 3 fully edited images ready for print with border and text.

  • Do I need a Hair and Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is one the vital components to creating a great headshot photo. This includes Men. For men, a Makeup artist is equally important. Digital photos show a lot of detail so its important that someone is checking on the small things. For women and men, we like very natural skintones. Using very little makeup, but will help cover blemishes, smoothing out red areas/razor burn/acne scars, and adding powder so you don't shine.

Jen Tousey who is part of the JT Pro Team, is a Certified makeup artist and can always assist with your makeup and light hair needs. You of course are always welcome to do your own makeup or bring your own hair and makeup artists.

  • What about retouching?

All images can use a touch of retouching. On smaller proofs, some things are just not visible until enlarged for printing. We try to keep retouching to a minimal by keeping it simple, flyaway hairs, reducing of dark circles, lint and, etc. The key is to keep the image looking like you.. Just you on your best day!