The Team

Josh Tousey is a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been doing photography for 10+ years, winning awards along the way and having been lucky enough to be able to do what he loves, all while working with some of the best people he has come to know. Josh has had training from some of the world's best celebrity, entertainment, and fashion photographers. He's put his experience and training together to produce extraordinary work every time he picks up the camera. Josh loves being able to work one on one and making real connection that comes through in the photographs. That shines through as JT Pro Images stand out as truly capturing personality, not poses. For more information, call Josh at (310) 595-5099 or email here at the Contact Page

Jen Tousey is a certified makeup artist and a people person. She has worked on numerous projects including photoshoots, film, red carpet events, and weddings. Although she enjoys the creative side of fashion and makeup, she equally looks forward to connecting with the actors and clients.

Jen prides herself on being clean and sanitary while genuinely connecting with each person and their needs. It is time working with her before the shoot that sets the stage for a positive experience, a time of calm and relaxation while prepping for the shoot.

To learn more, please visit or connect on Facebook and Instagram.